Why Do This?

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. I don’t take this visit lightly, of all the millions of pages you could have visited, you’re here.

I want to help my fellow human being, from all corners of the globe. But, the primary way to help people, is to bring them to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. He is thee ONLY way.

No problem in this world can be solved without Him.

My objective, is to show how the Christian world view is superior to all others. To show how culture, is the fountain from which everything else streams. And, if we have a Christ centered culture, our society will be exponentially better. From politics to education to how funtion in our daily lives, succes in those areas starts with Christ as head of our lives, and the source of our worldview.

Even in the Body of Christ, we have problems. Nothing will be perfect in this world. But, it can be pretty darn good, as long as Christ is first, and the Bible is followed.

Most importantly, we all die, and what makes you think you should stand before God? We need Jesus, to wash us clean, my objective is to prove this.


Kristina Karamo

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