Who is Kristina Karamo?

Who am I begins with, what am I? As a human being just like everyone else, my time on this earth is limited. With that, I want to make a positive impact on my fellow humans no matter who they are, or where they’re from.

There is no more important impact, than that of helping people come to Christ. In this current age witht he rise of secularism. More and more people live as though they are immortal. And, as though they will never be held accountable for the choices they make in this life. We all die, and when the light of this life begins to dim, will you be filled with fear and regret?

Or will you be at peace ready to meet Our Maker face to face?

My objective is to bring you thought provoking and entertaining content, that will help bring people closer to truth. I currently reside in the Midwest and I’m completing my M.A. in Christian Apologetics from Biola University.

I’m interested in every topic pertaining to culture, which I define as a manifestation of the thoughts beliefs and attitudes of a particular group of people. That group could be based on region, religon, company, ethnicity, school, state etc.

Why culture, because it impacts everything everything we do and how we view the world, better known as our worldview.

I love to laugh and I don’t take myself too seriously.

Please contact for inquiry and/or comments.

God Bless!

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