Wake Up World!: Keep On Sinning…

One of the hallmark tenants of Christianity is forgiveness. Jesus teaches that when we follow him, that we are born again and forgiven for our sins. But in contemporary Christian culture, we seem to not understand that we are forgiven after we repent. If a spouse says a cruel word to the other, than later [...]

Wake Up World!: What Am I?

What am I? That seems like a peculiar question. But, it really isn't. Are you just material? Or am I comprised of material and immaterial substances. Students are taught in their science education that we are just material. This permeates how we see the world. If we are just material how do we explain information [...]

We are to be Watchmen!

Fear and cowardice is not something you wound associate, as characteristic of a Christian. But, I am afraid too many have taken this characteristic in this age. Often times Christians are ridiculed for our belief, that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, and is the only way to eternity with God.  But, not so much [...]