Wake Up World! 08/14/19: Wrapped in Love

It's easy, to give someone a verbal lashing when we're angry. But, it's more difficult to restrain ourselves when we feel frustrated, especially when there is a righteous anger in us! An anger that is driven not because of some offense to us, but rather something that upsets us because it's morally wrong. When we [...]

Wake Up World! 08/13/19: Watching Kids

Kids are like sponges, is something we often hear said. In the modern era entertainment has functioned as a third parent. Being the standard as to which kids determine if they should think something is how things should be. Parents sit their kids in front of tv, and as long as their is no violence [...]

Wake Up World! 08/12/19: Vice Land

Vice has been around since the fall of man. Vice is simply described as moral depravity or corruption. It is something we have been combating for thousands of years, within our individual lives, families, and society as a whole. Typically it has been religious organizations, law enforcement, and governments that have been at the forefront [...]

Wake Up World! 08/10/19: Nasty Soup

We send our kids to school, and tell them to to trust their teachers. But then, for many parents, they find themselves faced with the horrible reality that their kid no longer believe in a God. College professors are 5 times more likely than the average person to be an atheist. These are the people [...]