The obvious answer is no! An overwhelming no. However women’s athletics is facing a new threat, transgenderism. Secular Progressive, are obsessed with stating that gender is just a social construct, not rooted in biology. They have put sex and gender in separate categories, so that the sexes are malleable. One is what nature makes you, the other is what you choose for yourself.

None of this is rooted in objective thinking. It’s purely their desire to, I really don’t know. I know their linguistic arguments, but it is purely irrational. On the surface they are championing this because they can say, men can be women. But if they come and say that “trans women” can’t compete in women’s sports since they are biologically male; that hurts their claim, that men can be women.

Which reveals this for what it truly is, a bunch of mentally ill adults playing dress up. That is also part of the horrifically destructive sexual revolution.

The rest of society knows this to be true. But are too big of cowards to open the their mouth, because the LGBTQIA+ political lobby will come after you.

Even people who would fit into one of those alphabetic characteristics are under attack. Martina Navratilova, is a tennis legend, who happens to identify as a lesbian. Complained about this very thing, but of course the alphabet people came after her, for stating an obvious fact. Though previously, she was a champion of theirs! But, even if the LGBTQIA+ lobby likes you, you can not criticize any letter of the alphabet. If you do, they shun you and seek to destroy you.

Common sense must prevail. There is a reason that no matter where you go in history men have been the warriors and the ones who do the most physically demanding task, to build a society. My five year old nephew, can see this. But you mean to tell me adults, politicians, and sports league administrators and coaches can’t. Then we are supposed to accept this, otherwise we will be hurting this persons feelings? Ok. What about my feelings?

But since I’m a cisgender woman, my feelings don’t count.

The picture you’re looking at is of June Eastwood, from the University of Montana. June is a man, who has competed in NCAA D1 cross country for three years. He has never placed, won a medal, received any awards, or any type of national or league recognition for his college athletic skills.

But now,

His senior year, he decides to compete as woman, and he is being happily embraced. Though his personal best which doesn’t even put him in the pack in the men’s cross country; would smash the current women’s cross country record by 4 seconds! In track, that is a lot. When many races com down to milliseconds.

Then the University of Montana’s athletic director wants to play stupid. Saying that he isn’t sure if men have an athletic advantage over women.

What a liar. A bald face liar.

We all know that’s crap. But for these liars, here are some facts, not Human Rights Campaign approved talking points. Men are typically bigger than most women, taller, faster, more muscle mass, more hemoglobin in their blood, bigger hearts, bigger lungs, more fast twitch muscles, the advantage of narrow hips and broad shoulders, (women, because of our hips are more prone to knee injury) not to mention women have periods!

The differences between men and women isn’t just the presence of certain hormones, but even how our hormones are cycled.

But none of these facts matter, what does is people who rank high on the victim hood hierarchy’s feelings.

Now, what are we going to do. Let the feelings of mentally disturbed people rule society, because we are afraid of the Secular Progressives coming after us. Or are we going to speak up, and VOTE, like people who follow Christ should. But even if you’re not a Christian, you still should have common sense, and acknowledge this as wrong.

Being a woman isn’t a feeling or a costume it’s in your DNA!

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