What am I? That seems like a peculiar question. But, it really isn’t. Are you just material? Or am I comprised of material and immaterial substances. Students are taught in their science education that we are just material. This permeates how we see the world. If we are just material how do we explain information and free will?

If we are just material than we are ultimately not responsible for our actions, our genes are. If genes program us on every level, without an immaterial world, then we have no freewill. Do we really live like that? Do we structure our society as though humans aren’t responsible for their actions. It’s not practical to structure a society around this idea. But also, it would cause mental distress. Why?

One of the worst feelings for a person to have is powerlessness. That isn’t necessarily the opposite of power. I may not have power in a certain situation, but I don’t have to feel powerless. Feeling powerless, means that you have absolutely no control over a situation. No matter what, we do. So if I am preprogrammed by my genes, can I really change my life? Two issues arise from this, people scapegoating, or people feeling as though they can’t improve their lives.

Anxiety and depression are a result of feeling powerless to change a particular aspect of your life. So when we acknowledge the immaterial, we give hope that there is something greater than what I can see. And that I am not a victim to the random shuffle of nature. So once we acknowledge the immaterial, what is the human soul and spirit, that lets me know that I am in control of my destiny in life. Therefore, I’m empowered through my freewill, to make the best choices and have an awesome journey in life.

With this being said, isn’t this how we encourage people and build our societies? So then why should we advocate for materialism, when it is counterintuitive to the human experience?

The next question, is if we are just material how do we explain information?

Information, presupposes the existence of a mind. Which is immaterial (Though some argue the mind is material, but they say they are still looking for the evidence. So then why should we hold the belief, if there is no evidence to support the assertion.). Since the material world is finite. That means that “something” preexisted our universe. Our bodies are loaded with information. Since information presupposes a mind, that means that we aren’t just material.


We create information all the time. That must like the creation of our universe, come from a mind. So, we aren’t just material. We have a soul, and my mind is part of my soul.

Our soul was created from God.

So what am I? I am human being, created by God. I’m not just material.

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