Lawlessness is when there is no restraint or restrictions. Where people just do anything, because it feels good and/or what they want to do.

Not society can sustain that.

But when we hear the word Lawlessness, we must be careful not to attach it to firmly to governmental laws. You also have natural laws, that are fixed to something beyond us. When they Bible speaks of the man of Lawlessness aka the Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2), it’s not about breaking the laws of a nation, but rather the Laws of God.

We look at society and people seem to just want to indulge in themselves and every vice. Now this is nothing new. Human history, are just stories of struggle. Man vs. man/men, man vs. environment, man vs. himself. But the the most dangerous of all, are man vs. himself.


Because, no one can destroy us like us. When live in the age where are encouraged by society, to self destruct, on drugs, food, alcohol, sex, self-pity. When in previous years even though we had our own personal struggles, society encouraged dare I say it, decency. Now, we are encouraged to turn completely inward in our focus, and rebel against God. Humans now have to wrestles with a culture, that puts pressure on us to rebel. Even now schools are teaching sexual rebellion as part of its curriculum. It’s the antichrist spirit, that is running rampant in our society.

Of course, there is a sociological explication for all of this madness. As Christian Apologist, we trained for being able to speak to the historical and sociological causes behind this ire and rebellion against God. Lawlessness that is being forced down the throats of kids and adults.

But, we must not forget that this ultimately is a spiritual problem. You can have two people see and/or experience the same thing, yet have totally different perspectives. That is due to your worldview. How you view the world, will determine how you interpret information and your experiences.

The next question is what determines your worldview, and that is your spiritual condition. The antichrist spirit of lawlessness, brings spiritual corruption and hedonism. Which will source your worldview leading to materialism. But those who want the hedonism of materialism, yet still want want to acknowledge the spiritual world turn some sort of pantheism or witchcraft. Which all help Lawlessness spread throughout our society.

When we engage, support, or are entertained by lawlessness, you’re being a friend to the AntiChrist.

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