Money, power, and sex are the three motivators for human evil and corruption. Those things in themselves aren’t inherently bad, and can be very good and beneficial depending on how we plan on acquiring these things, and what we plan to do with them once we do.

Example, say you have woman who is unhappy with the way things are going in her neighborhood she feels things are unsafe after a string violent crimes, so she decides to run for city council. She wants power, to improve the lives of others.

Or a excited woman who is a getting married and decides to swing by a specialty lingerie shop to look sexy for her husband on their wedding night. Or a young man who decides to start a string of restaurants so he can be finically successful and provide a nice and comfortable life for his family and create jobs.

These aforementioned examples of money, power and sex are positive and very beneficial to those individuals, their loved ones and/or society.

Yet we can think of countless examples of people acquiring and using power, money and sex and committing great acts of evil.

As Christians we know how to behave sexually, only in the confines of a marriage between one man and one woman. We know that money should be acquired in honorable way, free of deceit, violence, or theft, also that we are donate our first 10% to Lord’s house and the spread of the Gospel. Also in caring for the poor.

Yet, when it comes to power Christians get shy and nervous. We need Christians in power. Why? Because who is in power in any land determines how much freedom of and from citizens have. But as we can see now, we have an increasingly number of politicians who are hostile to the Christian faith. They hate that we don’t support sex outside of marriage, homosexual sex, transgender ideology and the fact that we don’t support abortion and our belief in the exclusivity of Christ. These are the reasons in America, Christianity is despised by the culture at large. So they continue to push to marginalize Christians from the public square. Use the government to suppress our speech even in California asking it illegal for pastors to homosexuality is a sin. Saying it’s causing emotional harm to the LGBT community. The entertainment industry is trying to America the next Sodom and Gomorrah, and if you raise any objections they fight shame you as aggressively as those men fought to rape those angels in Lot’s house.

Now if there were more Christians as elected officials would this type of insanity occur? No. But this separatist attitude, that this is just the world being the world, is a weak excuse. Many are apathetic, some are afraid, some are politically ignorant. But history has taught us, that when evil people are in power, the citizens under their rule suffer.

This is why politics cause so much conflict, as you can see from the picture above. We all want the people who think like us to be in power, so our interest are protected. But imagine, if people who wanted to be Christlike were in power. If the people in power have a heart after God, this nation would drastically improve.

The fight is never over until the return of Our Lord. In the meantime we are to occupy until he comes, and spread The Gospel, and work to make sure that the righteous are in authority. Proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.”

‭‭So either we get in the fight, or become prey for Satan’s followers.

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