Often times when we look at an incident it’s often viewed in a very myopic way. We see an event or something and look at the details within the scope of the event or thing. But, what about the details outside of our scope. And remember a scope is designed to heighten our focus on something specific, to block out the details around it. But that doesn’t mean other things aren’t going on that are significant and connected.

Satan isn’t smart, but he sure is crafty. And knows how to achieve his ends, and help his followers achieve his ends by helping them achieve theirs. We all struggle with something, and Satan knows by feeding that beast, whatever it may be, it increases the likelihood that that person won’t follow Christ. One can’t serve Christ and their flesh, you have to pick one.

In light of the recent events surrounding Jeffery Epstein, a very vile and wicked web is being exposed. More and more of the general public, is learning that he was pimp, that trafficked kids, specifically young girls about 14 or 15, to the most powerful people on earth. He even had an island where he threw sex parties, with teenage girls. But for years has been Teflon, even when prosecuted he got sweetheart deal. But now, with an extremely suspicious supposed “suicide”. People are trying to connect the dots. Many of us have known for years what’s been going on, but have been laughed off as conspiracy theorist.


Because ignorance is bliss. And, people don’t like the world as it is, they like to see it as it should be.

Welp, that doesn’t make it true.

The fact of the matter is we see it coming from the highest levels of government, education and entertainment some of the most bizarre things.

Parents dressing their son’s like cheap prostitutes, and being celebrated by the media and politicians as brave.

Now you may be thinking, what does this have to do with Epstein, and where are you going with this? The answer, it’s a web.

The orchestrater of this web is Satan, and his legion of demons. Ephesians 6:12 tells us, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

We see sex being a huge downfall in America, from the entertainment industry peddling smut, sex predators and perverts at the highest levels of government, pastors walking away from Christ because it offends their sexual ethics, to more and more powerful people being arrested for being pedophiles.

Sex has become America’s drug.

And Satan has us elbow deep in it. In America it’s all being peddled by the same web of people. The same entertainers and politicians who live in smut, are trying to peddle to our children through entertainment, and pushing for laws to teach it in schools.

It’s the same people.

So what is their deal? I know Satan’s agenda, but what is their angle.

I don’t know, but I can guess.

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, self actualization is at the top. If you listen to the supporters of the sexual revolution and included in that the LGBT movement, they claim “freedom”, “I’m fully myself”, “I’m me”, “I’m liberated”. That language screams self-actualization. Sex is thee most physically pleasurable thing people do, we even kill for it. And if we are all just material and the physical world is our ultimate reality, and this life is it; then it makes sense that sex is our ultimate form of self actualization, in a fallen world.

Who doesn’t want to feel as though they are fully themselves?

As Christians know, for us to be fully who we are, that can only be found in YHWH. God made us spirit, soul and body. So if we only look to the body to understand ourselves, is it any surprise we are so confused. We neglect our soul and spirit.

The world is filled with webs, that are complex and often confusing, we must take the time, to figure it out to the best of our ability. Instead of being myopic in our view of the world. Our society in America, is being ran by a bunch of sexual deviants. Even the weapon that is coming after the church is due to our refusal to embrace sexual immorality, and celebrate it. It’s time we acknowledge it, or the spider will kill us.

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