It’s easy, to give someone a verbal lashing when we’re angry. But, it’s more difficult to restrain ourselves when we feel frustrated, especially when there is a righteous anger in us! An anger that is driven not because of some offense to us, but rather something that upsets us because it’s morally wrong.

When we see a person, promoting transgender children. To the point where a father is locked in a custody battle where his soon to be ex-wife wants to raise his son as a girl. This is madness. And many people are filled with a righteous anger about this child being abused an used as a guinea pig for his mother’s bizarre and sick social agenda. We see other things that upset us, the push for an atheistic society, even people clinging tightly to false spiritual beliefs such as Buddhism and Islam. We get so consumed by the refutation of their false belief, that we forget that the ultimate mission is to help bring that person to Jesus of Nazareth. The Christ, our Savior.

There is a person there, that God loves, and Satan has them blinded. And our ultimate responsibility isn’t an intellectual checkmate, or exposing people. Rather exposing the cloud Satan has over them, to that person and others. So that we have one more person out of Satan’s grip and in God’s army.

Satan is no match for God, but he definitely is a match for us. He touches are fleshy desires, which are difficult to combat because they bring immediate pleasure and satisfaction. That is why we can’t fight Satan on our own.

However, God is big enough and strong enough to handle everything Satan throws our way, including the false beliefs of people, that pull them away from him.

But ultimately they have to decide which way they go. And we make that decision just that much easier, when we stand firmly on the truth God has instructed, wrapped in love for the other person Satan has deceived.

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