Kids are like sponges, is something we often hear said. In the modern era entertainment has functioned as a third parent. Being the standard as to which kids determine if they should think something is how things should be. Parents sit their kids in front of tv, and as long as their is no violence or sex, they don’t worry about it.

But often times negative messages and influences are packaged in such a pretty way, parents don’t see it.

One things I often notice is how parents in Nickelodeon and Disney programs are often portrayed as being, kind of simple, gullible, and not understanding. This teaches children not to trust their parents, so if they can’t trust their parents the trust the voice of someone else. And there we see society encouraging children to rebel against their parents. I mean, why not, they don’t understand!

Another issue I find in many of these shows, especially ones geared towards preteens is they focus on dating and romantic relationships. This is absurd. Why do children need romantic companions?

One of the reasons society is so dysfunctional, is because the marriage and dating scene has turned into a hobby, that is just about self affirmation and pleasure. The point of dating, is for it to be a mutual interview process to see if this person is actually someone I can spend the rest of my life with. It’s not a game or hobby, to make you feel good about yourself. Most people sadly are having sex before marriage, that is partially because we trivialize the dating process. But when show kids having romantic relationships, we are not only supporting the trivialization of dating and marriage, but we are also teaching children to awaken and feed their sexual desire.

These prominent children’s networks are all ran by Secular Progressives, so you better believe those values are reflected in the programming. More, and more we are seeing children being encouraged to explore same sex relationships. Where cartoons and shows with live actors even showing kids engaging in same sex relationships.

I could go on and on about more issues. But Wake Up World, is just a short reflection. My point, it doesn’t have to be vulgar, to have negative influences on your kids. Pay attention, please.

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