Vice has been around since the fall of man. Vice is simply described as moral depravity or corruption. It is something we have been combating for thousands of years, within our individual lives, families, and society as a whole. Typically it has been religious organizations, law enforcement, and governments that have been at the forefront of the fight against vice in our society.

But what do we do, when organizations whose responsibility it is to fight against vice, indulge in it themselves in vice. Even worse, create a network to provide vice, and protect the wealthy and powerful for being held accountable for their crimes? It’s supposed to be their job to root vice out of society, so who will hold them accountable. Many people believe, that there is nothing we can do.


We hold them accountable.

The death of Jeffery Epstein is another glaring example of exactly this. He was billionaire pimp. Who trafficked teenage girls for the sexual pleasures of the wealthiest and most powerful people on earth. He had a plane called the Lolita Express and disgustingly an “orgy island”, to provide a “safe space”, so these individuals could engage in their disgusting pleasures totally out of sight of the general public. Instead of getting into the details, my question is why do we give them power?

In America we have choice over who put into power, through our votes and who we spend our dollars with. So we are directly giving these people power. So now we take it back, and make sure those in power follow are actually followers of Jesus Christ. The socialists and communists are calling for “power to the people”. But that is false, it’s just transferring power from one elitist group to give it to another.

But humans are so strongly moved by self motives and ignorance, it makes it difficult for people to pay attention to how their actions directly enable these people. So we can’t complain about these people remaining in power, when we give it to them.

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