We send our kids to school, and tell them to to trust their teachers. But then, for many parents, they find themselves faced with the horrible reality that their kid no longer believe in a God. College professors are 5 times more likely than the average person to be an atheist. These are the people teaching our children!

One would say, well that means nothing. However, look at the actual information that is being taught to our children. It teaches them that they are just material, and nothing more. That morals are relative to the social construct of the dominant group.

Let’s zoom in on evolution. Starting in elementary school, kids are taught Darwinian evolution. That our existence can be explained by random mutation and natural selection. But that doesn’t explain the origin of life. So according to the Darwinian model, that origin can be explained by a theoretical primordial soup.


But then, where did the soup come from?

It’s ridiculous.

Materialist don’t know, and are currently stating that it was accident.

So hey kids! You’re just an accident.

How encouraging.

They are selling us some nasty soup! We must revisit the evidence that proves that we were designed by God. Who gives us and our life meaning. We’ve told our children to sit under teachers, who teach them that their life has no meaning, and wonder why they are walking away from God and depressed.

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