What is truth? It’s seems like an absurd question, but it’s not. Here’s why. Many of us would say that truth is what is factual correct. So then the next question would be, how do we determine what is factually correct? And that is where the trouble begins. Some like say well that depends on who is in power, or the possessor of a belief. While that may found all fancy smancy, it would be a horrific way to live in a society. Sure it may temporarily benefit some in let’s say the debate over gay marriage. However do we actually live as though truth is relative absolutely not. Let’s say it’s a guy on Park Ave., with golden retrievers lined up, shooting them one by one, like they are target practice. Now we all (now I’m sure there are some) would be horrified. Even reading that sentence, makes one feel uncomfortable. But, if truth is this abstract concept, how could we say this guy is wrong? So truth must be concrete, in an absolute sense every time. Otherwise we fall into another problem, of when do we decide when it’s concrete?

So that has to mean that truth must come from a fixed source. And that fixed source must be personal, and must be outside of humanity. That source….is God.

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