Hell. Hell is defined as eternal conscious punishment. Now, many people scoff at such a notion. “If I were God, I wouldn’t send my children to Hell.” Or, “I wouldn’t serve such a bully”. Well, guess what folks, none of that is a logical argument against the existence of Hell. The evidence is what we should be looking at, also many inject “if I were God”, but you’re not. You’re a finite being with limited understanding. So your perspective is just that, limited.

But let’s look at it logically, and considering that God’s knows everything literally. If there was place that God created for humanity to exist in perfect peace, wouldn’t it make sense that there would be rules. Then those who refuse to follow the rules wouldn’t be welcome? And these individuals who refuse to listen have no one to blame but themselves.

Also it makes sense, considering that humans currently exist in a very broken state that there must be a transformation! So God has provided a way for humans to be reconciled, since the fall of mankind.

We can look around us and see that human beings a jacked up, so it makes sense that God didn’t make us that way. So an event had to occur that we chose, that made us broken. So God wanting to reconcile his creation, these free beings, would provide us with a choice.

So choose…

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