Mario Lopez stated the obvious that it’s a bad to teach 3 year olds, that they can change their gender. But he made the dreadful mistake of disagreeing with the transgender lobby. Which apparently holds people’s public career in the palm of their hands.

The question is, how is this happening. Lopez made a comment that an overwhelming majority of people agree with. Yet, he was forced to back track and apologize. Saying his comment were “ignorant”. Wow!

We have entered a dangerous time in society, where can’t speak obvious truths. But who is the puppet master? Who is pushing this? For starters the Human Rights Campaign, but the deeper question is who is the shadow behind them? Also,Mehta is their end goal?

Those answers are scary, and most people aren’t prepared for the answer. From a spiritual lens, it reveals the extreme moral decay in our society. But that isn’t all. But I am determined to figure it out, and you should too!

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