Sex and the City had a huge impact on Gen-X, and millennial. It encouraged women to live life, and that meant not having a family. Having children was seen as getting in the way of “living life”. As a millennial, I have seen many of my peers go this very same route. They see kids as burden and undue baggage, however they still want sex.

The commands of God are everlasting. God’s word doesn’t change because the culture wants it to. Fornication is still a sin! But many shows portray, the teachings of God as a wet blanket on your fun. But I found it interesting that creator of Sex and the City, said she regrets choosing a career over children.

Kids are a blessing, and once they become adults you can pursue your career! But our bodies have a clock, and once that’s up, that’s it. Also, many people are forsaking relationship with God to indulge their sexual desire.

But in the end, it leads to brokenness. In the end, one must do a cost benefit analysis for every decision they make. And so typically that equation is done in a very short cited manner.

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