Being woman is great! Feminism used to be about empowering women, to have autonomy over their lives and bodies. That sounds great, right? But what does that actually mean?

Well, depending on your world view, that meaning is different. As orthodox Christian, for me that means first turning to scripture to see what God says. Also, it means having a heart after Christ first, loving, nurturing, being intelligent, courageous and willing to speak the truth even when it’s difficult, being loving an fearless.

What doesn’t mean is hating men, being promiscuous and killing my unborn children in the name of liberation an body autonomy. Trying to tear down the “patriarchy”. Matriarchal societies aren’t God’s design. But, if were honest many years too many men have abused the role God gave them and some women were expected be quiet and deal with it. However that doesn’t reveal anything about God’s design. It speaks to the fallen man. It just depends on your position in society how easy it is for one to commit their evil.

Our response to the unfair practices many women experienced, should have been to turn to God!

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