How many stories do we hear about people getting attacked by wild animals. Better yet, what about the individuals who try to take selfies, like the man with the bear or keep them as pets, then things go horribly wrong. Then we all say, it was a wild animal, what did you expect?

We say that because it’s in an animals nature to do certain things. We infer what an animals nature is based on observations of this animal in an objective manner.

But all things have a nature whether it be individuals or groups.

As we have seen through history, humans have a tendency to be absolutely evil to each other from Sennacherib to Vlad the Impaler to many more. We see how in power humans can be so cruel. This is precisely why our founding fathers designed our government the way they did.

They understood that, and decentralized power as much as possible. But now we have the Liberals, so they call themselves, doing everything they can to centralize it. And all they have to do is say they are against bigotry, and people will ignore history and human nature.

Looking at this picture, are we surprised? No it’s in a wolf’s nature. So let’s not be naive about human nature and the dangers of centralized power.

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