We live in world with more and more self help gurus, and life coaches. Why is this? In America we have more “things” and material wealth, like never before. But millions of Americans struggle with depression? We constantly here about the need to find oneself, but why are we searching.

We are looking for happiness and our identity in all of the wrong places. Since more people have fractured relationships with God, it has caused the rise of the self help guru. We used to be able to turn to our local church family, or turn to God for direction but instead we have turned inward and outward, instead of upward. Going through life without God is like finding the most complicated item you buy, and refusing to read the instructions, before putting it together and operating, yet you’re angry because it isn’t working and you can’t figure things out! In fact it’s even more stupid. When we try to find the meaning in something, we turn to it’s creator and try to understand them as much as possible, to understand the meaning in what they created. Yet, when it comes to us, we don’t seem to get that.

Let’s face it kids, we all die. When people are facing death a new car isn’t on their mind. We must live for our afterlife. We must find meaning in this life, but that starts with understanding what lies ahead, but prior to that, connecting with the Intelligent Designer who made us, God.

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