I was reading an article discussing how a library in Dallas is allowing Drag Queens to read to small children. What makes this story even more disgusting, is they were reading a story called What Color is Your Underwear?

The continued push to weaken our children’s natural sexual barriers is being pushed by the secular progressives. Many are totally unaware, part of the sexual liberation movement, includes “the sexual liberation of children”. Yes. You’re eyes aren’t deceiving you. If you read the writings of Kinsey, who is thee celebrated sexologist, he advocated for pedophilia. The ultimate goal, is the complete sexual liberation, of everyone where nothing is sexually forbidden, so long no one is forced. But what is defined as forced, what about coerced? I’ll deal with that another time.

But, what we see before us, is that society is being desensitized to the sexualization of children. You are now having children according to Equality Act, being treated as sexually autonomous beings when it comes to gender identity, why wouldn’t that include sexual activity? 5 years ago, if I told you that there would be men competing in women’s sports would have believed me? Many of us saw this coming, because it’s the logical conclusion of what the Secular Progressives are advocating for.

Soon enough, pedophiles will have legal rights to pursue children, if we don’t speak up and fight back. Because they are being groomed, by society as a whole.

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